Every dog is a Poo-dle! So are politicians?

Every dog is a Poo-dle! So are politicians?

Every dog is a Poo-dle, kind of, in a manner of speaking. Parisians, with their fondness for the chien and so very indulgent towards them to the extent that the doings of the chien are kind of considered somewhat of an idiosyncrasy that makes Paris what Paris is. So say those who have stepped about in Paris.

Dogs do what they do and time and place do not wait for any man while dogs doo and pedestrians beware and the aroma that follows them is what they stepped on. Poo-dles! But people adjust, dog parks, not to park them like cars but to run around and doo-dle the poo-dle. But countries and people change their fondness for retaining an arrangement that has persisted maybe due to ignorance, hubris, or simply inertia and letting things do the way they do. New standards appear, like doing away with pubic hangings or floggings. Of course some people depend on such activity to make the “trains run on time”. There are howls of discontent from without and within and efforts are made to make some hapless people move towards a different order. And some changes do occur; children are moved out of the workplace to places that prepare them for the workplace, old habits don’t die they simply change name boards. Sometimes it is like that, but there are improvements and recognized as such, as in reduced maternal, infant, and child mortality the world over.

Where do politicians come in to this Poo-Doo thing? Well they come in like the Poo-dles. They are of a kind that is needed. We like them at some stage when they get into frenzies and drive us to frenzy as well. When they tell us of worlds that have never been and have never been known to exist and unlikely to be we like them more. But like any working dog that is also a Poo-dle, be it fetching and carrying, guarding, herding protecting, our best friend, on the lap as extended ornamentation, politicians are needed.

Politicians are also somewhat of the Poo and Doo kind. They make messes before the fact after the fact and in fact while other things are going on. They are in part a reflection of us, our ways of being, our anxieties, our desires and fears and fears of giving into our desires on our own. A little group motivation seems to absolve us from our sins, and it is hard in any reckoning to forgive ourselves on our own. Someone else, an “authorized dealer” has to do the “reset”. Nothing like doing something in groups? Hideous!  Politicians as Doo-ers and Poo-dles get things done and do things themselves. Some things they do are liked by many or most people and some other things only by a few.

A simple fact is that we cannot do without them, Poo and all. But when we turn and find out that we have “stepped in it” and the aroma follows us wherever we go, then we get vexed and wish to address the Poo problem. Then plans are made Poo-Generals and Poo-Czars are appointed, logos, theme songs are made, strategic plans devised and maybe a war on Poo declared.  Some neutering, spaying will go on, for Poo-Doo is also used for marking territory for purposes of attracting partners to carry on what we think nature intended and fending off competitors for partners and so forth. Spaying and neutering is interfering with nature. It sure is a modest practice of genetic engineering, changing what we think is some part of the gene-pool. We can’t quite drain it but we can sure dam it and blast it and favor some Poo-dles over others and get them a leg up as if it were on what we think nature intended. What we think, when put into action sometimes stinks. Some of us are shown to be wrong and in some cases we are hanged for our troubles, or given lethal injections, electrocuted or beheaded depending where we are.

We are also Poo-dles in thought, word and action. We create a mess and the mess increases whether we like it or not. The second law of thermodynamics is just that. And the process runs in one direction towards a totality of Poo.

There is enough Poo to go around for everyone here to have a fair share. But then, who flung dung? Let’s not ask the Chinese that, they might not answer. And in any case which Chinese will we ask, there are so many of them? There are about 60 of them for each man woman and child in Sri Lanka. Running dogs of American Imperialism? Us, we? Never! Where was that from? Will we fall in the Poo? The politicians have a role to play but who knows if they overplay it? Follow the Poo not the money? Maybe, but while waiting for answers money changes everything.


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