NUTA Knows! A New Union of Teachers to Bring Back MR

NUTA Knows! A New Union of Teachers to Bring Back MR

“Did you hear that some university Dons here in Sri Lanka have formed a new union and have sworn to bring back MR?”

“Bring MR back, as in Back?”

“Yes, that is it”

“Wow! What do they call themselves? LOOTA? Nah! Can’t be LOOTA?”

“No! No! No No No!!! NUTA ! NUTA! NUTA! Not LOOTA!”

“Oh!   So some competition with FUTA?”

“Not quite, FUTA is a federation this is national.. this is a movement”

“Oh one of those!”


I was tired after this conversation and wondered that like some Wildebeest I would be drawn into a crocodile infested riverbank to slake my thirst. The Crocodiles are not outdoors, it seemed.

These Dons, as in The Dons, have decided that the season is ripe with possibilities and that they might as well go back, as in we are going Back! to lend their helping hands to the powers that were and might as well be.   Did they actually swear to bring Back MR?

Some of these Dons had made swearing a bad word by swearing that MR will remain in office, not come Back, in January. Very backward kind of step now with swearing to bring Back MR. Maybe this time they can swear right.

After all, simply by chance they have positive prospect of being right. Even without their help MR might come back, as in Back to the parliament. Back to the Presidency for MR is a little difficult, there are many steps to climb, and that will be like Snakes and Ladders, lots of snakes are around even among the Dons. And many to kick the ladders. But all in all, the NUTA not LOOTA Dons have a chance of being right not in August but maybe later.

In August they are very likely of being right that MR is on the way back, as in Back. He will get elected to parliament bar some unfortunate melding of circumstances and machinations. That seems the safe bet. Will NUTA not LOOTA queer the pitch or unwittingly douse the candidate MR with pitch of their own making? Will some of the Dons of NUTA not LOOTA bring their own problems that they think when MR comes back as in Back, will evaporate. That they will be redeemed and put back (as in Back??) in places that they occupied before the FUTA rabble roused the authorities and got the authorities to remove them? So they think.

Oh! Indispensability Syndrome? Hello Kitty! Nothing runs without us running it and we are running away with it syndrome! Well, some kind of thing like that.

The NUTA not LOOTA Dons are accomplished, published and promoted ones as well, and very Senior, very Senior as well. So they should know which way the winds blow or should blow when they stand next to the Stinky Poo!   So they are the ones who say MR will be back as in Back.

Are they saying this because they hope it is so, want it to be so, wish it be so, or after reviewing information, analyzing data give their considered collective view that MR is as good as back, as in Back? There is some doubt about this.

On this season of sin and gain, Maggi Noodling a situation is likely to be rewarding or one can Glyphosate it mix some Melamine and see what happens.  A little BBS shake the money tree? These Dons know they are onto a good thing. They can queer the pitch and gain form it from the side that wins and the side that loses? Horrors! Do such dastardly things happen? Machiavelli’s bones are rattling in Florence!

No these NUTA not LOOTA Dons have their hearts in the right place, they are loyalists who have planned and strategized and come out just as the other side is flagging and catching their breath.

NUTa not LOOTa has burst out from the sides and are making a run for the finish line to bring MR back. RW is well, kind of here he never went away except for a few months to learn how to come back strong and FUTA is tied to RW whether they know it or not. They asked and got, they opened the package, and whoa, lots of wrapping nothing but the wrapping. No! There were some things like getting rid of Dons in high places they the Dons did not deserve to keep. That was no mere wrapping it was the real thing.

So it is NUTa not LOOTa Dons to the fore NUTA hopes to win the day for their side by bringing MR back and paying their foes in depreciated currency. No more FUTA led witch hunts for these Dons, too stressful head always looking over the shoulder is not good for the posture, who knows what will come out of some long forgotten file, some indiscretion in the exercise of authority? No, those things have to go away and for that MR has to be back (as in Back!)

So, NUTa not LOOTa will do their best to bring MR back as in Back.   We shall see soon enough if indeed MR wants to and can and the people want him back .

“So NUTa not LOOTa persuaded electors may vote for MR in every electorate and to their horror find out that MR is not a candidate in their electorate and that their vote is discarded?”

“ Nah, can’t happen!”

“Then how can MR come back?”

“NUTA knows NUTA does! “

“What suspense, these Dons are smart, is this on TV is it a Sit-Com, Pay-Per-View?”

“That is so old style, what Sit-Com? this is live reality TV on the Web, Social Media!”

NUTA knows!   NUTA says MR will be back. We will find out soon enough how good NUTA is.

The chances are NUTA is not greater than the sum of its parts, maybe even less, and NUTA knows.


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