The Fault is in the Stars?

The Fault is in the stars! What?

I mean if the planetary arrangement at present is faulty, not fawltry, what can be done short of removing oneself from that arrangement?

Strangely, some people blame the stars for being, well, being where they are when they should be some place else. From what we know, and this knowing business started as soon as we lost our tails, we like the world to change a little faster that it seems to be doing to make us fit in a little more comfortably. This knowing business included unhappy situations with snakes and apples according to some, flying turtles on Elephant back by some other accounts, burning bushes and auto-write prophesy, but always some strange thing that we have not encountered in our habitats. And then the misbehaving stars, there are misbehaving stars all right, they are in rehab at the moment, those stars, they forgot to leave when Elvis left the building, and who took his bag of medicaments is what some stars still want to know? But the bigger sky bound ones, that come out at night and sparkle, oooh, like … No, the Stars, we cannot find fault with them can we? I mean what does it mean in the seventh house in the seventh plane on the seventh axis by the poolside?

The fault, if there is a fault is more likely to be more earth bound, more likely to be in us, like mea culpa, mea culpa mea maxima culpa! Heads bent, repentant, expecting forgiveness, is what we should be. There is no point in blaming the stars when they seem to be oblivious to our praises or our curses. The stars will not heed our demands and align themselves in an order that pleases our fortunes. Faults are human; we came up with the whole darn thing ourselves by our own lonesome, tail-less selves. This is not to ignore the fact that there are swingers, I mean real monkey types, but still all in all, without tails. They send tails to others, to find out what they are up to. Hush, hush, spy stuff. Big pols used to have tails in a manner of speaking, hooting, honking pack of fast moving objects following them or in front of them. Oops, no tail could be in front of the tailee could it? What were these Pols doing, trying to be middle-men?

No, whichever way we look at it, the fault cannot be in the stars. Then it must be in us!


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